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Spring Fling

Tournament Information




Dates: March 27-28, 2021

Ages: 11U-18U

Locations -

Foley Event Center

1001 East Pride Blvd, Foley, AL 36535

Elberta High School 

13366 Illinois St, Elberta, AL 36530

South Baldwin Christian Academy (SBCA)

6900 AL-59, Gulf Shores, AL 36542


Entry: $5.00 per day

(Coaches will purchase tickets for the whole weekend at team checking)


- No food tables or outside chairs allowed.

-Tickets will only be PRE-SOLD to the head coach or director of each team for the entire team.

∙ Only 22 attendees per team will be admitted for each match. When 8 courts are being utilized only 22 chairs are available for spectators per side. These 22 chairs adhere to social distance guidelines set by the Alabama Department of Health.

-We will be utilizing Baller TV for all courts at the Spring Fling for live streaming for those who cannot be inside the facility.

- A running 15 minute clock will start between each match to allow team and spectators to exit and the next team and spectators to get on the floor and into seats. The 15 minutes will include shared, hitting, serving time for teams. 2-4-4

- No chairs should be moved in the facility and you may not bring your own chair into the facility. 

(download app on phone or just use as a text message)

Each division will have their own REMIND Message to join. You will be notified when it is time to enter the building for your court to begin warmups and/or spectators to enter.

- Spring Fling 11/12’s Division Text @lav-11-12 to the number 81010

- Spring Fling 12’s Division Text @lav-12 to the number 81010

- Spring Fling 13’s Division Text @lav-13 to the number 81010

- Spring Fling 14’s Division Text @lav-14 to the number 81010

- Spring Fling 15’s Division Text @lav-15 to the number 81010

- Spring Fling 16’s Division Text @lav-16 to the number 81010

- Spring Fling 17/18’s Division Text @lav-17-18 to the number 81010

Foley Event Center -
Tents, booths, canopies, or other structures are not permitted without prior
approval. Unpredictable weather and winds increase the liability of possible injury and damage from tents. If exceptions are made tents must be safely secured. Absolutely no staking permitted. Guest will be expected to remove tents due to inclement or windy weather.
User releases Foley Event Center from any liability and holds Foley Event Center harmless from any claims resulting from the use of tents on premises.



Sunday 3/28/21


- Tickets will be sold at the door and limited to 22 spectators per team.  

-  $5 per ticket (PLEASE HAVE EXACT CHANGE)


Foley Event Center - 8U & 10U 

1001 East Pride Blvd, Foley, AL 36535

Elberta High School - 12U

 13366 Illinois St, Elberta, AL 36530

Hotel Information

Lower Alabama Volleyball Club Partners and Affiliates

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Sponsored by Home of Grace for Women

Home of Grace for Women

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Coaches Tiki Bar

Sponsored by Ransom Ministries

Ransom Ministries

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Sponsored by CK Salon

CK Salon

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Coastal Towing and Automotive

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Roco Timber

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Sponsored by Cammie's Old Dutch Ice Cream Shoppe

Cammie's Old Dutch Ice Cream Shoppe

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Bar Forest Products

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Bay Palms RV Resort

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Sponsored by Spill Tech

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Rodgers BBQ

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Sponsored by Comfort Systems USA

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Mya's Tan and Nails

Sponsored by Camellia Trophy Shop

Camellia Trophy Shop

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Knight's Pressure Washing

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Sponsored by Hansen Air

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Allen Medical Supply

Sponsored by Donaghey Orthodontics

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Stephens Maritime

Sponsored by McNellage and Associates

McNellage and Associates

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LCS Restoration Services LLC

3817 Ryan Ct

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The Watermelon Patch Preschool

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6417 Hillcrest Park Ct.
Mobile, AL 36695

Sponsored by Semmes Pharmacy

Semmes Pharmacy

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Sponsored by Raycon Industrial

Raycon Industrial

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Sponsored by National Coating and Supplies

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John and Donna Skipper

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Gulf Coast RV and Boat Storage

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Specialty Storage

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"Pop" George Swaim

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Vickers Plumbing

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State Beauty Supply

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Sponsored by Mike O'Dowd Diagnostic and Medical Clinic

Mike O'Dowd Diagnostic and Medical Clinic

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T.R. Sikes Insurance

Sponsored by Small's Mortuary

Small's Mortuary

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Dauphin Marine Transportation LLC

Sponsored by Blue Haven Pools

Blue Haven Pools

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Sponsored by Graestone


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Roofer's Mart

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Sponsored by Tillman's Corner Dental

Tillman's Corner Dental

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James Construction

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US Machine Services

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Quality Drilling Fluids

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Sponsored by Fausak Tires and Service

Fausak Tires and Service

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Ron and Jamie Perfusion

Sponsored by SC Stagner Consulting

SC Stagner Consulting

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Bobby Petro, CPA

Sponsored by Dexter Sutton Personal Training and Small Group Fitness

Dexter Sutton Personal Training and Small Group Fitness

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Professional Modeling and Repair LLC

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Herring Plumbing

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914 Saraland Blvd S 

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Sponsored by T. Batchelor and Son Inc

T. Batchelor and Son Inc

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Sponsored by Bennett Orthodontics

Bennett Orthodontics

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Sponsored by The Dance Shop

The Dance Shop

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Paul and Mary Lou Armbruster

Sponsored by Warlord Beard Oil

Warlord Beard Oil

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Diegan Construction

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Craft and Technical Solutions

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Teague Brothers Transfer & Storage

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Sponsored by Gulf State Hangers and Supports Manufacturing Inc.

Gulf State Hangers and Supports Manufacturing Inc.

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DL Transportation

Sponsored by Bonner Safety Services

Bonner Safety Services

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Superior Masonry

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Sponsored by F45 Springhill USA

F45 Springhill USA

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Sponsored by Advocare


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Miller Resources

Nash Painting

Sponsored by Wright Transportation

Wright Transportation

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Sponsored by Recreational Sales

Recreational Sales

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Lawncare Specialist

3817 Ryan Ct 

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Gulf South Services

Sponsored by Aeromechanical LLC

Aeromechanical LLC

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Bruce Duhe Tire

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Sponsored by Walters Controls

Walters Controls

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Mann Family Farm Ltd.

Sponsored by Southern Landscape Solutions

Southern Landscape Solutions

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American Welding and Gas

Sponsored by Callaghan's Irish Social Club

Callaghan's Irish Social Club

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Fletcher Smith Oil

19415 N 3rd St 

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Tide Moving & Storage

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Sponsored by Spectrum Collision Center

Spectrum Collision Center

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